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Welcome to MySatNav.Info Visitor

One of the most amazing Sat Nav products is just about to hit stores in the UK. The Sony XNV Xplod Sat Nav system.

The Sony XNV-L77BT and Sony XNV-66BT are set to become top selling Car Stereo Sat Nav systems.

The new Sony XNV units will be winners, because they offer a set of features which is so compelling many owners of existing sat nav systems will upgrade to what's being descibed is Next Generation Sat Nav.

MySatNav.Info will soon bring you a competition to win Sat Nav units, Map Updates and Voices, in addition to POI bundles. Watch this space.

Sony XNV-L77BT and Sony XNV-L66BT

Sony XNV Features

The Sony XNV is a Stereo Sat Nav Bluetooth Audio Visual TomTom Navigation with Motorized 7" touch screen display with full iPod/iPhone connectivity for Music and Video.

HD Traffic gives you the most up to date traffic information delivered live to your Sony XNV
Safety Alerts warn of traffic cameras and accident black spots
Google Local Search is built in, giving acces to world's largest database of shops and businesses showing you what's nearby.
TomTom Maps for 45 European countries
IQ Routes gives you the fastest and smartest routes using actual speed data from millions of users - a brilliant feature!
TomTom Home keeps your in-dash navigation future proof with map and content updates as well as new services
MP3/WMA/AAC/DivX/JPEG and MPEG-4 codecs supported so you can listen and watch all your digital music and videos
High resolution 7" motorized WVGA screen and 4 x 52 watt MOSFET amplifier for a fantastic visual and audio experience so it's a Movie Player too.
Full Bluetooth for hands-free talking, phonebook access and music streaming while driving - in effect it's also a brilliant hands free car kit.
Full iPod, iPhone, Walkman, connectivity using the rear USB connection so it's also a great Sound System.....
..... and it has Sony's unique search and music select featuring Zappin and Sense-Me to organise your music to suit your moods. And.....
.... You can fine tune your music to suit your vehicle with the XNV's Centre Speaker Organiser, Intelligent Time Alignment and EQ7 graphic equalizer